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Lone Pine Hall 1959

Lone Pine Jerseys was first established in 1993, when Adrian and Vreni Haeni immigrated to Canada. The family continues to run one of the bigger purebred Jersey herds in Canada.
The Haeni farm in Lone Pine, 2013

Some of the most spectacular homemade pies can be found at the annual bench show in Lone Pine.
Lone Pine Bench Fair

History of Lone Pine

"Bucking Poles & Butter Churns", History of the Lone Pine and District
By the North Lone Pine Women's Institute, July 1972

The Lone Pine District is the entire Township 31 and the south half of Township 32 in Range 27 in the Province of Alberta, plus a one mile strip along the east side of the area in Range 26.

This book was humbly dedicated to the pioneers who, with their bucking poles and other haying equipment, put up hay for Burns, and to the women, who sold or traded butter for groceries in order to provide a living for their families.The area was named because of the Lone Pine Creek which meanders from northwest to southeast. The area was first surveyed in 1883, and was described as a "rolling prairie with second class soil". Over the years it has been proven that the Lone Pine district is most suited to mixed farming, with barley and oats being the predominant cereal crops grown.

From 1901 to 1903 nearly every quarter section of land open for homesteading had been taken, with speculators buying up the other available lands and selling it to land-hungry immigrants. Settlers originated from many different countries, but immigrants from Germany, Norway, or Scotland were key, tempted by descriptions of the temperate climate with the blessing of the chinook, luscious grass belly-high to a tall horse, sod just waiting to be turned. Alberta was the answer to a farmer's prayer.

Lone Pine Hall is situated sixteen miles east of Didsbury on the banks of the Lone Pine Creek. The site chosen served the adjoining school districts of Jutland and Burnside.

The hall has been in continuous operation since it was constructed in 1924. It was financed and built by community effort and cooperation. Board members are elected at the annual meetings and to these members are entrusted the business management of the hall.

More History

Robbie Burns Supper
Lone Pine Bench Fair
Kids Halloween Party

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